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A monthly review of the most important psychedelics research.

Psychedelic Research Bulletin: June 2021

This month we’ve learned about sleep quality after MDMA, microdosing leaves creativity hanging, and an exciting Phase II study with nitrous oxide was published. The

Psychedelic Research Bulletin: May 2021

Psychedelic research in May took another critical step forward. The publication of a large part of the phase III trial data from MAPS showed MDMA-assisted

Psychedelic Research Bulletin: April 2021

Psychedelic research in April pitted psychedelics against SSRIs, gave mice a break from tripping, and identified new psychedelics. As we’re awaiting the full results of the MAPS Phase

Psychedelic Research Bulletin: March 2021

Balazs Szigeti and colleagues ran the largest self-blinding experiment to date (191 participants) and found that the placebo and microdosing groups both experienced similar improvements

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