Psychedelic Stocks & Companies

A directory of public and private companies active in the psychedelic space.

Looking to invest in companies at the forefront of psychedelic research, development, and production? On this page we collect the shroom stock options available to members of the public, and private companies that may present investment opportunities in the future.



Publicly Listed Psychedelic Stocks & Companies

There are a growing number of psychedelic companies that are actively researching and developing psychedelics for medical and therapeutic purposes. Below is a directory of these mushroom stocks, in no particular order.

MindMed (MMED)

NEO: MMED 0.445 -1.111%

MindMed is a psychedelic medicine company with a primary focus on using formulations of Ibogaine and LSD to treat mental health issues. Their current pipeline features 18-MC (derived from Ibogaine) and LSD microdosing.


Champignon Brands Inc. (SHRM)

CSE: SHRM 0.890 0.000%

Champignon Brands is a publicly-traded, research-driven company active in the formulation and production of a variety of psychedelic medicines and products.
Champignon has acquired a ketamine clinic in California, and intends to continue its North American expansion. Read our interview with Champignon CEO, Dr. Roger McIntyre.

Compass Pathways (CMPS)

Compass IPO’d on Friday 18th September, 2020, on the Naadaq.

UK-based Compass Pathways are one of the most prolific players in the emergent psilocybin space, actively conducting clinical trials to demonstrate the safety of psilocybin, and its potential to tackle treatment-resistant depression.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) awarded a “Breakthrough Therapy” designation to Compass for their research into the use of psilocybin for severe depression. This allows the Company to accelerate the (usually very slow) development and review of their drugs. Typically, such a designation is only approved where early evidence suggests the drug in question could pose a significant improvement versus currently-available therapy.

Compass has conducted, and is conducting, a range of registered clinical trials across the world. In the United Kingdom, the Company has worked with the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King’s College London to successfully conduct a double-blind, placebo-controlled study with nearly ninety participants between 18-65 years of age. The study found that psilocybin was well-tolerated by the healthy adult volunteers.

Compass are now running a randomised controlled trial (RCT) of psilocybin therapy for treatment-resistant depression. It is an ambitious study, both in scope and subject, taking place in a variety of clinical trial sites across North America and Europe. Participating clinical trial centres include: University of Toronto, University of TexasNew York State Psychiatric InstituteUniversity of California San DiegoStanford Department of PsychiatryKing’s College LondonUniversity Medical Centre UtrechtLeiden University Medical CenterUniversity Medical Centre Groningen, multiple NHS trusts in the UK, and more. If you are interested in being involved in these trials, you can learn more here.

Compass Pathways has some well-known investors, including Peter Thiel (PayPal co-founder).

Nasdaq: CMPS

Numinus (NUMI)

Numinus listed on TSXV on Wednesday 20th May, 2020.

Numinus is licensed, via Salvation Botanicals, by Health Canada to test, sell and distribute psychedelic substances. You can read our interview with CMO Dr. Evan Wood here.


Better Plant Sciences (PLNT) (Formerly The Yield Growth Corp., BOSS)

Note: In August 2020 the Company announced a name change to Better Plant Sciences.

CSE: BOSS 24.939 +2.013%

The Yield Growth Corp has acquired a portfolio of 126 psilocybin formulas via its subsidiary, Flourish Mushroom LabsTheir catalogue of formulas now stands at around 145, which it seeks to apply to the booming functional food market.

Flourish has formed of a Company in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Acres Flourish Labs, which plans to construct a purpose-built laboratory for the cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms, and for R&D activities.

Flourish also acquired a founding interest in Translational Life Sciences Inc., a biotechnology company seeking to develop formulas containing restricted substances (such as cannabis and psilocybin) that may have medical applications.

Flourish has already begun to file provisional US patents for their psilocybin ‘treatments’, including the administering of psilocybin/psilocin microdoses in order to encourage weight loss via the increase of metabolism and limiting of food cravings.

You can read our interview with the Yield team here.


Revive Therapeutics Ltd. (RVV)


Revive Therapeutics is focused on the R&D and sale of cannabinoid-based products, and has completed a Letter of Intent to acquire Psilocin Pharma Corp.

Psilocin has developed, and plans to continue developing, production solutions for Psilocybin. Boasting six formulations thus far, the company has ambitions to begin selling their psilocybin products in countries like Brazil where they are legally approved. Ultimately, they plan to access the US clinical market, pending FDA approvals.


Roadman Investments Corp. (LITT)

TSXV: LITT 0.025 0.000%

Roadman Investments Corp. is a Canadian Venture Capital and Advisory Firm. They have invested in a variety of companies in a range of sectors: from fintech to agriculture.

In terms of psilocybin, Roadman has invested in a number of mushroom producers and distributors, and appear to have plans to expand into the psilocybin market. One such investment was into British Columbia-based Champignon Brands Inc: a craft mushroom distributor and product formulator. In their press release, Roadman Investments made it clear that they were looking to explore psilocybin.


M2BIO (Formerly Wuhan General Group, WUHN)

OTC: WUHN 0.470 +17.500%

Wuhan General Group is a Chinese alternative medicine company with a clear focus on CBD and psilocybin. The legality of such substances in China remains unclear.

In June 2020, Wuhan changed their name to M2BIO.


Mind Cure Health Inc. (MCUR)

Mind Cure is primarily focussed on microdosing.

The Company conducted an IPO in September 2020, and began trading publicly on the CSE on 21st September, 2020.


Titan Shrooms & Psychedelics (subsidiary of Codebase Ventures, CODE)

CSE: CNSX 0.039 -12.500%

Venture Capital firm Codebase Ventures formed a wholly-owned subsidiary, Titan Shrooms & Psychedelics Inc, in January 2020. The Company is actively seeking investment opportunities in the emerging market for the usage of ‘magic mushrooms’ and psychedelic medicines in the treatment of mental health issues.


Mydecine Innovations Group (MYCO)


NewLeaf Brands changed its name to Mydecine in June 2020. NewLeaf was a CBD lifestyle company, that then expanded into the shroom space. In May 2020, the company announced that  Mydecine Group, is building-out a specialist mycology lab in Denver, Colorado.


Graph Blockchain (GBLC)

CSE: GBLC 0.012 -33.333%

Canadian blockchain solutions company Graph, announced in November 2019 that it had signed a Letter of Intent to acquire Shroom Street LimitedGraph seeks to add value through employing blockchain technology to track the movement of psilocybin stock, especially important due to the legal status of the substance in many jurisdictions.


Hollister Biosciences (HOLL)

CSE: HOLL 0.150 -6.250%

Canadian cannabis firm Hollister Biosciences entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Alphamind Brands, and closed the acquisition in April 2020. Alphamind are conducting R&D into psilocybin-based drug therapies, seeking to build an IP portfolio in the psychedelic medicine space. 


New Wave Holdings (SPOR)

CSE: SPOR 0.058 +0.870%

New Wave is exploring recreational, natural (functional) and mental health applications of psychedelics. The company has two production facilities in Jamaica (via its 50% interest in Anahit International Corp.) licensed for mushroom cultivation, and is building a psilocybin-based IP portfolio. You can find their investor presentation on their website.


GreenStar Biosciences (GSTR)


GreenStar has thus far predominantly focused on supporting licensed cannabis businesses in the US, but recently they announced the acquisition of Toronto-based Eleusian Biosciences. The Company described the acquisition as opening access to the emerging psychedelic medicine sector, as Elusian has already undertaken work on psilocybin, having filed a provisional patent application for its combined usage in addressing mild traumatic brain injury and PTSD.


Thoughtful Brands (TBI) (Formerly MOTA Ventures, MOTA)

Note: In August 2020, Mota Ventures changed their name to Thoughtful Brands Inc.


Mota is a CBD producer, exporter and distributor. In May 2020, Mota announced that they were acquiring a Germany psilocybin manufacturer.


Silo Wellness (Coming Soon)

In June 2020, Silo Wellness announced a proposed RTO of Yukoterre Resources, meaning it may trade publicly soon.

Osoyoos Cannabis (OSO)


Osoyoos is, as the name suggests, a company primarily associated with the cannabis space. In June 2020, the Company announced the proposed acquisition of AI Pharmaceuticals Jamaica Limited, who are engaged in the R&D of cannabis and psilocin-based pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical formulations and related IP.


Cybin Corp (Coming Soon)

Cybin announced a planned reverse takeover (RTO) in late June 2020. Once completed, the Company should become publicly traded.

HAVN Life Sciences (HAVN)


HAVN Life Sciences  is a biotechnology company focused on standardized, quality-controlled extraction of psychoactive compounds from plants and fungi, and the development of natural health care products from non-regulated compounds. They went public in September 2020.


Note: Systemic Risk(s)

Note that most, if not all, of these North American companies have not begun the production of psilocybin, as it remains illegal. Also note that the ongoing US-China trade war, and the uncertain legal status of psilocybin in China, makes Wuhan General a risky investment, too.

Most of these stocks all have very small market capitalizations, and low liquidity. Psychedelics remains a fringe industry, with an unclear legal space (across most jurisdictions worldwide). As such, expect volatile price movement, and be prepared to lose your investment.



Private Companies in the Psychedelic Space

The following companies have demonstrated interest (to varying degrees) in the psychedelic space.

As with the publicly-traded psilocybin stocks above, many of the companies below have an existing base in the cannabis sector.

ATAI Life Sciences

ATAI is a global biotechnology ‘company builder’, seeking to acquire and develop mental health treatments. With tentacles in Berlin, New York and Amsterdam, ATAI has raised 8-figures of backing to finance research into psychedelic medicines for depression and other mental illnesses.

ATAI Life Sciences owns a large stake in Compass Pathways (above), after investing in their Series A round.

There are rumours that the Company is planning an IPO, however there is no official news of such an offering. The Company has amassed $68 million in funding to date across two rounds.

Beckley Psytech

The founders of Beckley Psytech hail from one of the most established think tanks / NGOs in the psychedelic medicine space: The Beckley Foundation. Having raised £3m Series A funding, we’re keeping a close eye on this new Company.

Field Trip Health, Inc.

Field Trip is a mental wellness company that focuses on psychedelics and psychedelic-enhanced psychotherapy. In February 2020 they closed their Series A funding round, having raised $8.5m USD.


Eleusis is one of the earliest movers in the psychedelic medicine space, with a two-pronged approach harnessing psychedelics for both anti-inflammatory and mental health applications. Learn more in our interview with Shlomi Raz, CEO and chairman, here.


CaaMTech is a drug discovery company with a focus on engineering psychedelic drugs, including psilocybin. You can read our interview with CaaMTech here.

Orthogonal Thinker

Orthogonal have demonstrated serious interest in psilocybin, and look set to pursue intellectual property protection of their plant-derived psilocybin product ‘Psilly’. Beyond this, the company focuses on CBD, hemp, cannabis, food as medicine, and other nutritional alkaloids.

Orthogonal has some interesting plans for how to improve the process of synthesizing psilocybin, including the employment of blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

In their summary of goals and plansOrthogonal included the prospect of partnering with, or purchasing, a laboratory to research and develop DEA-registered psilocybin.

In December 2019, the Company launched PsillyLife, which they tout as ‘the first psychedelics lifestyle brand’. The brand seeks to disseminate the benefits of psilocybin to a global audience, all via a laid-back Hawaiian aesthetic. Take a look at their website to see what we mean here.

Entheon Biomedical

Entheon Biomedical is a biotechnology company actively interested in developing evidence-based addiction treatments that revolve around the usage of entheogens (psychoactive substances affecting mood, consciousness, perception, etc.) including psilocybin.

Tassili Life Sciences, Corp.

Collaborating with multiple university research institutes, Tassili claims that they seek to prove that the administering of psilocybin and CBD can improve the clinical and physiological outcomes of sufferers of PTSD, OCD, and post-concussion syndrome. i.e., Tassili intends to demonstrate that administering psilocybin and CBD can improve recovery from these conditions.

The Company has 4 Patents Pending with the USPTO which revolve around psilocybin.

MagicMed Industries

MagicMed is a private Canadian company seeking to build a molecular derivatives patent library, dubbed the Psybrary™, which is initially focused on psilocybin. In September 2020 the Company closed a $1.6m private placement at $0.25 per share.

MagicMed are also a founding member of the Psychedelic Medicine Association.