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We are looking for people to help with aspects of planning and organizing, so if you have time and any of the following skills, we need you! These would all be on a volunteer basis for now; if you can only help if there is compensation, please check off that box in the form, linked above. In the meantime, there will be a lot to do to prepare. Here are some things that would be helpful:

– FUNDRAISING – (grant writing as well as in-person fundraising). This is REALLY important because we would like to provide the treatment at affordable costs, and we are hoping to do fundraising in order to make this happen.

– EVENT PLANNING – We would like to get everyone together to meet each other and mobilize around this, sometime in the next couple of months.

– CONTACTING LOCAL NEWS AND MEDIA: One of the most important things right now: We are working on creating media packets and press releases. We would love if anyone wanted to help with this!

– SOCIAL MEDIA – Writing blogs about topics such as psychedelics, trauma, consciousness, etc, as well as helping to keep our facebook group organized and send out emails. Also looking for people good at editing other people’s writing.

– CLINIC LEGAL STRUCTURE – Do you have knowledge about setting up medical clinics or are you an excellent googler? We are figuring out the exact structure of this clinic and if you have opinions or know someone who does, this could be a big help! Also, if you are good at creating cozy spaces and/or design, this is valuable too.

– MEDITATION: We will be designing a self-compassion protocol to hopefully also teach people getting this therapy. If you have had relevant meditation experience, that could be helpful.

– MUSIC PLAYLIST CREATION – This is probably the least urgent, but also perhaps the most fun. When someone goes through their 8-hour MDMA session, they need music to take them on the journey. A lot of the session is usually spent listening to music with eyeshades on. In a sort of inward contemplation of the trauma and life in general. MAPS is working with Brian Eno to create original music, and MAPS also has their own playlist, but I see no reason we can’t create our own West-Philly-specific music playlist for our site. Perhaps even make original music for this – porchfest has demonstrated there is no lack of musical talent in this neighborhood! So, I’m excited about this aspect.

– OTHER – We are sure there are a billion things we are not thinking of, that will be important. If you think of them and they aren’t in the list, please feel free to tell us about it!

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