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Job Summary

A supportive honoraria position aimed at providing care and support for those who have gone through MDMA psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. This position will be supporting participants who have gone through a MAPS phase 3 study and will work closely with the study coordinator, study physician, and study therapy team. Although having a background in therapy may be good experience for the role, this is not a therapist role, and no therapy should be provided to the participant. If therapy support is needed, a MAPS trained and supervised therapist will be consulted.


  • Provide meals and support to participants during the overnight following each Experimental Session
    • Do NOT perform therapy with participants
  • Live within one-hour drive of the study site
  • Stay overnight at study site and provide physical support to participant
    • Use personal funds to purchase meals for participants and be reimbursed via electronic payment method (e.g., Paypal, Venmo)
    • Reduce stress of participant (clean up, provide needed supplies, etc)
  • Notify therapists or emergency services about emotional or medical situations as needed
  • Communicate promptly and transparently with study team
  • Write progress note about overnight stay in the source
  • Have availability that matches the scheduling needs of the site and flexible with scheduling changes
  • Remain with the participant until set times agreed upon by study staff


  • On site in Vancouver

Time Commitment:

  • 3 overnight sessions approximately 1 month apart
    • Time arrival: 16:30
    • Time end: 8:00
  • Start date: January/February 2022
  • End date: May/June 2022 (but could extend as long as October 2022)

Training will be conducted through reviewing our Night Attendant Manual.

Job requirements


  • Previous support experience
  • Be a compassionate, professional, communicative, and responsible individual
  • Ability to respond promptly with clear communication, and should understand that plans for Experimental Sessions can change with little notice
  • comfortable providing the necessary support
  • supportive but not intrusive
  • ability to provide support and identify emotional escalation
  • able to identify emergency and know when to reach out to study team for help
  • flexibility – experimental sessions can change with little notice
  • previous training in managing psychological distress is a benefit
  • previous supporting role experience
  • de-escalation techniques training is a benefit
  • suicide awareness training is a benefit

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