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MindMed is a leading $1B+ biotech, focusing on mental health. With breakthrough clinical research in psychedelic medicine and treatments, utilizing novel AI digital measures, we are turning our vision to help millions of people around the world into reality.   

Founded in 2019 and with a current team of 50, we are continuously expanding our presence throughout North America, central Europe and Australia and are constantly searching for high impact individuals in various clinical, technological and business operations domains to strengthen our team.

Psychedelic inspired medicines and psychedelic assisted therapies have the potential for big and broad impact across a number of challenging mental health issues, and as we’ve already seen with ketamine which is on the market now, the successes will likely be bottlenecked on commercializing these approaches effectively at scale in the clinic.

MindMed is building a platform and applications for delivering psychedelic assisted therapy in the clinic. Our platform enables clinics to scale up with successful economics by streamlining areas of friction such as risk mitigation, multi-session monitoring, and reimbursement.

We have a terrific set of clinical colleagues on both the drug and digital medicines, and you’ll work closely with the digital medicine colleges in embedding clinical products inside our platform and applications.


  • Own MindMed Platform and its Applications
  • All engineers will report to you; frontend, backend, infra, and machine learning
  • Work with Tech Product Managers and Digital Medicine colleagues to integrate clinical products into our platform and applications. Clinical PMs will report through the digital medicine side.
  • Work with Product, Design, and Engineering and machine learning teams from roadmaps to embedded clinical models
  • Own engineering interaction with clinics, patients, clinicians, payors, and other stakeholders around the platform and applications
  • Own how the business -> production -> technical vision influences engineering decisions so that we stay on track toward our vision and avoid constraining ourselves too narrowly
  • Drive awareness of the business among engineers; strategy, sales pipeline, current client needs, studies in progress
  • Applying data-driven approach to define goals and metrics for initiatives and keep track of current state of products
  • Develop and drive roadmaps with a reasonable balance of precision in the near term and flexibility in the long term
  • Support career development from biannual growth plans to weekly 1:1s, and build  educational programs that help engineers grow their careers
  • Maintain impressive level of productivity and output from the technical team and avoid analysis paralysis, excessive meetings, overengineering, code quality issues or missing test coverage that slow the team down
  • Be on top of non-functional mission critical SLAs and systems robustness; availability, security, ML metrics, data privacy, production monitoring, etc.


  • Minimum 6+ years experience in engineering and engineering leadership
  • Minimum 2+ working on engineering at early stage startups
  • Minimum 2+ working on engineering in healthtech
  • Degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • Demonstrated track record of shipping and evolving production product
  • Strong leadership and management skills
  • Recruited, managed and retained high velocity engineering teams 
  • Clear, rigorous analytical writing, and persuasive presentation skills.
  • Strong hiring manager and track record managing teams of at least 10+
  • Ability to manage managers and grow managers from within your teams

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