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Since 2018, Synthesis has been offering legal, medically supervised and science-based psychedelic retreats in Amsterdam for open-minded seekers who want to utilize moderate-to-high doses of psilocybin truffles to catalyze creative breakthroughs, explore consciousness, find meaning, improve confidence, and open up to a mystical experience. 

With the FDA designating psilocybin therapy a “breakthrough therapy,” and thereby helping to speed up the process of researching and approving it to treat major depressive disorder (MDD), now a new era is upon us—one in which psychiatrists will be able to legally prescribe psychedelics in the United States. 

Deeply rooted in its vision that everyone has access to mental health and wellbeing, Synthesis is uniquely poised to usher in this new era, pioneering as a global leader in advancing research, convening community, educating the public and engaging in activism to promote safe, legal, widespread access to psychedelics.

Standing on its years of experience and reputation for offering world-class psilocybin experiences, 

Synthesis is also uniquely qualified to set the standard for practitioners to safely, ethically and effectively support people on a journey for healing using psilocybin.

The Synthesis Institute is an Amsterdam based company. We are accepting candidates globally and will consider candidates willing and able to telecommute.  

Position Overview:

We seek a full-time Chief Operating Officer to support and lead the organization’s operations and procedures with their multinational enterprise experience. This candidate will align their work with Synthesis’ mission and vision . This candidate will be a key member of the senior management team, reporting to the CEO. The ideal candidate will maintain control of diverse business operations, and is expected to be an experienced and efficient leader. This person must have excellent people skills, business insights, financial understanding, and exemplary work ethics. Candidate will work closely with the leads of all divisions of the organization in order to help streamline communications and make sure teams are working as efficiently as possible with one another. In addition, this candidate must have expert level understanding of how to assist in creating a culture that thrives in an open, honest, and transparent work environment, helping to inspire the team as a whole. 


Secure the functionality of internal operations to drive extensive and sustainable growth. Have sound knowledge of business strategies, culture, finances, and project management across. Support a team that handles day-to-day administration and operations of business. Provide leadership, management, and vision to ensure that Synthesis has an effective team, operational controls, and administrative and reporting procedures in place. This candidate will help scale transformational psychedelic experiences worldwide  and ensure its financial strength and operating efficiency.


  • Help lead Organization’s daily operations
  • Team up with management to build visionary business strategies 
  • Help spearhead strategies to steer company’s growth in a positive direction
  • Lead the company’s international operating capabilities
  • Help implement innovative and best business practices
  • Delegate responsibilities to ensure growth of organization and projects 
  • Assist in coaching employees to optimize their capabilities 
  • Assess and implement improved processes across the organization’s management team. 
  • Lead employees to encourage maximum performance,dedication, and innovation.
  • Participate in expansion activities (investments, acquisitions, corporate alliances etc.)


  • 5+ years of experience in a multinational environment
  • Proven track record of excellent performance in a team of 50+ 
  • Familiar with Open Book Management
  • Familiar with value-driven organizational models (Quadruple bottom line, teal organizations, B-corp, etc.)
  • Detailed oriented and organized, creating structure and streamlining processes for maximum effectiveness
  • Working knowledge of data analysis and performance/operation metrics
  • Visionary track record
  • Broad knowledge of modern health care administration practices and principles within a managed care environment and/or an academic medical center
  • Deep personal experience with altered states
  • Feels personally inspired by the tremendous potential of psychedelics to positively change our collective healthcare and wellbeing landscape
  • Familiar with the professional and scientific psychedelic landscape.
  • Have self-care and inter-personal integrity as a top priority in your personal life
  • Maintains a daily committed personal (spiritual) practice.
  • Excellent written and spoken English skills
  • Proven track record of excellent performance: honest, ethical, and dependable
  • Effective analytical ability to develop and analyze options, solve complex problems and recommend solutions
  • Have highly-effective judgment to make sound and responsible decisions and remain grounded under stress
  • Have the ability to be flexible and possess a willingness to adapt to changing situations and to learn new skills
  • Experience in strategic planning and helping to ensure the efficient operation and growth of the department
  • Exceptional boundaries and containment in your leadership style
  • Ability to lead through frequent changes in duties and volume of work
  • Inspires confidence, appropriate risk taking and achievement of high standards
  • Models professionalism: excellent and effective interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work well with people of all ages, backgrounds, etc
  • Excellent delegation skills
  • Skilled at de-escalation and conflict management


  • Experience working in a culturally diverse team.
  • Experience working in a multinational organization.
  • Experience in hospitality, healthcare, education, and/or a fast growing start up
  • Experience with Asana, HubSpot, & Netsuite, or similar


  • Competitive base salary commensurate with experience
  • Annual performance and salary review

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