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Numinus Wellness Inc (NUMI) is a publicly-traded company that is licensed (via Salvation Botanicals) by Health Canada to test, sell and distribute psychedelic substances. It listed on the TSXV exchange on Wednesday 20th May, 2020.

The Company’s operations include Numinus Bioscience, a testing and research facility; Numinus Health, a treatment and healing centre model; and Numinus R&D

The Company has raised funds via private placements and enjoys revenue from laboratory and production operations in the cannabis sector.

Numinus Wellness

Exclusive Interview

We spoke with Dr. Evan Wood about his plans for Numinus, and his broader opinions on psychedelics and society.

Wood was appointed as Chief Medical Officer of Numinus (TSXV:NUMI) in May 2020. Dr. Wood has an extensive bibliography of published research and has held a suite of positions across a variety of institutions, with a focus on substance use and addiction.

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