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Cybin is a life sciences company. The company is focused on advancing psychedelic therapies and non-psychedelic products to target specific psychiatric and neurological conditions.

Cybin’s business model is two-pronged, divided into its subsidiaries, Serenity Life Sciences and Nature’s Journey Inc. Serenity Life Sciences maintains a focus on psilocybin medication research and development, while Nature’s Journey Inc. innovates proprietary products and services to boost mental health and wellbeing.

In June 2020, the company agreed to amalgamate with Clarmin Explorations Inc to carry out a reverse takeover and raise up to CAD$21 million. The round was oversubscribed following the sale of 60 million subscription receipts priced at CAD$0.75 each, resulting in the historic CAD$45 million raise (see psychedelic company private placement data here). The oversubscribed round will now provide funding for the company’s upcoming clinical trials, and accelerate research into novel molecules.

In December 2020, Cybin acquired Adelia Therapeutics, growing their patent filings to over half a dozen applications.

Cybin Inc.

The potential of psychedelic therapies to treat mental illness and addiction disorders has never been more significant. With this [$45m] investment, we will continue to advance our robust pipeline of psychedelic-based products through clinical development.

Doug Drysdale, CEO

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